CDM835 Wheel Loader

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1. Adopt worldwide top Weichai Deutz engine, which provide strong power, high working efficiency and reliability.

2. Configure transmissions and axles designed and produced by Lonkingproprietary technologies with high reliability and strong heavy-load adaptive ability.

3. Full hydraulic power steering system with flow load-sensing, single joystick controlling single pump shunt working hydraulic system, together with boom lifting limitation & bucket auto-balancing function.

4. Spacious ROPS&FOPS cabin.

5. Efficient and healthy air conditioner

6. Electronic-controlled power shift transmission.

7. KD key: When load is high, the operator only need to press KD key to shift from second gear to first gear, which space for operation and maintenance.

8. Enough space for operation and maintenance.

9. Select many kinds of optional working devices.



Weichai, DF Cummins, Cummins

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