CPCD40 4-5t Internal Combustion Forklift

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According to the characteristics of industrial vehicles,it achieces safety protection design which includes……

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The full suspension shock absorption design and the optimized design of the power system vibration transmission reduce the vibration of the whole vehicle and reduce the fatigue of the driver.

Optimized sound-absorbing and noise-isolating design reduces driver’s ear noise.

The optimized heat dissipation system greatly improves the cooling performance, thereby improving the reliability of key components such as gearboxes and engines.

Matched with strong power, low emission engine, strong carrying capacity, fast climbing speed, load sensing hydraulic system, fast lifting speed and high working efficiency.

The enhanced and optimized design of the core structural parts greatly improves the strength, and the intelligent shifting technology prevents starting in second gear and improves the service life of the gearbox.

Intelligent shift system, easy to operate.

The design of increasing the internal space of the car body and the opening angle of the large hood facilitates inspection and maintenance and provides a more spacious working space.



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