G2 series 1.5-2T Lithium-ion Forklift

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According to the characteristics of industrial vehicles,it achieces safety protection design which includes……

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  • (1)Environment Friendliness Zero emission.

    Low noise.

    Free of heavy metals.

    No corrosion.

    No acid mist volatilization.

    (2)Maintenance Free 

    Unnecessary of fluid adding and dust proofing.

    Daily maintenance free.

    Manual maintenance free.

    (3)Long Service Life

    Over 75% capacity reserved after 4000 shifts operation.

    Longer service life than lean-acid battery in equal working condition.

    5 years or ten thousand hours quality guarantee for high performance.

    (4)High Efficiency and Energy Saving 

    2 hours charging meet 6-8 hours working demand.

    High-energy density, self discharging rate lower than 1% per month.

    95% energy conversion rate, superior charging and discharging performance.

    Flexible to charge, easy to operate, no impact on battery life.

    Unnecessary to change battery, cost saving.

    (5)Suitable for working in both high and low environment 

    Lithium battery is better than lead-acid battery when working between -25℃and 55℃.

    (6)High safety 

    According to the characteristics of industrial vehicles, it achieves safety protection design which includes lithium battery materials, battery core type, pack technique and system power management.

    “Multiple node safety closed circuit protection” realizing truck real time closed circuit protection in variable conditions.

    “lock affirming” function during charging avoiding” hot connecting and disconnecting” operation effectively.

    “whole system emergency button” to disconnect the truck control system and BMS power quickly ensuring truck safety.




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