LG855N Wheel Loader

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Environmental protection, strong power, reliable transmission

Adopt international advanced electronic control common rail system, power efficient WEICHAI engine ofNational III emission standard.

Precise ECU (electronic control unit), excellent engine performance, economy and emission.

High sensitive electronic throttle, precise control, effectively improve power, reduce fuel consumption.

The engine assembly is frame-supported, with a front-end gear train failure rate reduced by 80%.

Equipped with Lonking homemade heavy-duty planetary gearbox and drive axle, with high transmission efficiency, large driving force and reliable work.

Ergonomic design — comfortable and safe

The cab is designed with panoramic glass windows with a wide field of view and almost 360º panoramic visibility.

The flexible suspension installation of the cab and the mechanical suspension air seat can effectively absorb the impact and vibration from the main body of the machine, so as to alleviate the fatigue of the operator and improve the ride comfort.

Multi-direction adjustable seats with front and rear adjustable steering wheel to provide the best operating posture for operators of all body types.

Stable frame structure is adopted in the cab. optional anti-roll and falling object protection device, safe and reliable.

Noise reduction design is adopted in the cab and engine room.

The layout of electronic control switch, controller and electronic control is ergonomic.

Optional high efficiency air circulation air conditioning system, with good defrosting function.

The automatic bucket leveling technique simplifies the operation effectively.

Super strong frame structure is more durable

1. The frame with box section is thickened and strengthened to resist torsion and increase durability.

2. Large spacing between main hinged plates can resist loads from different directions and effectively decompose stress.

3. Finite element analysis is used to ensure that the key structural components meet the various heavy load conditions.

4. Robot welding, strong welding seam.

5. Long wheelbase to center arrangement, bridge load distribution is reasonable, heavy load adaptability is further improved.

Scientific maintenance management system

Integrated needle type diagnosis interface, diagnoses engine fault accurately and conveniently.

Open three-stage cover, front, middle and rear covers are independent, which can improve the convenience of maintenance.

With standard 93 sand and dust filter, the four sets of early wear rate can be reduced by more than 90%, and the daily maintenance is convenient.

Integrated built-in filter element, convenient maintenance, low cost.

Air conditioning filters can be easily replaced in the cab.

The fuel tank rotates sideways to provide ample maintenance space.

Modular circuit design, easy maintenance.


High quality and reliable design

Equipped with domestic famous brand diesel engine, radiator, hydraulic components and electrical components.

High precision combined instrument, accurately display the working status of main components.

Fuel gauge accurately shows the amount of remaining oil to ensure the continuity of operation.

The optimized design of the hydraulic system can reduce the pipeline loss by about 4Bar, improve the heat dissipation efficiency, and greatly improve the overall digging capacity and reliability of the machine.

Electrical system optimization design, increase positive control off relay, exposed line with waterproof, seismic function, improve the reliability of the circuit.

On the basis of the original o-ring, bucket hinged pin shaft is added with skeleton oil seal, which has good dustproof effect, reduces the leakage of butter, and prolongs the service life of shaft sleeve and pin shaft.



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