LX860 Electric Ride on Floor Scrubber Dryer Machine

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The whole machine is equipped with a front-drive system, a three-wheel chassis design, and a small turning radius.
The unique “anti-scratch circle” function can effectively protect the ground.

The function keys are arranged in a centralized manner, with clear markings, easy to learn and understand, and more convenient to operate.

Intelligent water volume sensing system, when the clean water tank is short of water, the brush motor will automatically shut down; when the sewage tank is full, the water suction motor will stop working.

Equipped with a pressure sensing system for safer operation.

It is suitable for cleaning work in office enterprises, nursing institutions, large shopping malls, environmental protection industries, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, etc. Such as: epoxy resin floor, cement floor, marble floor, polished tile floor, concrete floor, terrazzo floor and other hard floors cleaning and maintenance.

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