SWE 08B Mini Excavator

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Emission rating      EU Stage V

Operating weight           1010kg

Power output                    7.2kW

Max. digging depth     1731mm

Width                       750-1000mm

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The Sunward SWE 08B is the smallest excavator in our range. This mini excavator is perfect for work in tight areas. Despite its very small size, it features an incredibly high power-to-weight ratio, very good reliability, intuitive operations, and excellent protection for the driver (TOPS). Its size makes it very easy to transport to every jobsite, indoor or outdoor.


Operating weight1 010 kg
Standard bucket capacity0,022 m³
Shipping length2 640 mm
Shipping width750 mm
Height over cabin/canopy2 250 mm


ModelYanmar 2TNV70-PSU
Emission ratingEU Stage V
Displacement0.57 L
Rated power output7.2 kW


Type2 Gear Pumps
Displacement2*9.6 L/min
Hydraulic pressure2*16 Mpa


Max. digging depth1 825 mm
Max. digging reach/
Max. bucket digging force9.4 kN
Max. arm digging force5.8 kN


On top of its EU certification, the Sunward SWE 08B, like all Sunward machines on the European market, is designed to meet European customer needs.


We chose the powerful Yanmar 2TNV70-PSU engine featuring low fuel consumption, low noise and vibration levels, and high-altitude performance control. This 7.2 kW industrial diesel engine is both EPA Final Tier 4 and EU Stage V compliant, and its compact design means it can fulfill a variety of roles. The perfect fit for our reliable and versatile Sunward SWE 08B.


All key components in Sunward excavators are carefully selected, from Yanmar engin to hydraulics. Because the hydraulics are often regarded as the heart of the machine, Sunward sources exclusively from the highest references in the market. For our Sunward SWE 08B, we selected Japanese premium brands to be our main suppliers for the hydraulic pump, traveling and swing motor. NACHI and Kayaba pumps and components are efficient, reliable, and space-saving. So, it’s no coincidence that Sunward selected them to contribute to the SWE 08B’s reliability.


The SWE 08B’s extendable undercarriage – the track width can be extended from 750 mm to 1 000 mm – provides robust stability, ensuring safe and comfortable operation in all kinds of job applications, including restricted work-sites. When retracted, it allows the SWE08B can drive through doors. This compact design makes the SWE 08B mini-excavator ideal for transportation. The SWE 08B does more than simply align with the EU’s transportation regulations – truly compact (750 mm width) and lightweight (1 010 kg), it allows easy, safe and secure transport. The machine can be safely transported in a pick-up or on a small trailer with up to 3 buckets and a hydraulic breaker, while maintaining a total transport weight less than 2t.


Despite its very compact size, the SWE 08B has powerful lifting & digging forces and long reach capacity. The SWE 08B has exceptional digging forces of over 9,4 kN (bucket) and almost 5,8 kN (arm). And when it comes to its long-reach digging capacity, the SWE 08B boom cylinder design provides a reach of 750 mm long.


A mini-excavator’s versality starts with how well it is designed for transportation. The SWE 08B does more than simply align with the EU’s transportation regulations – truly compact (750 mm width, but can be extended to 1000 mm) and lightweight (1010 kg), it allows easy, safe and secure transport. A wide range of attachements can be easily fitted to answer a variety of applications.


Sunward is your smartest investment in reliability, performance and high ROI. Indeed, the SWE 08B’s expert design includes a well-thought-out selection of components that streamline operation and maintenance. Our design choices result in a machine that provides so many standard features, premium-brand key components, and capabilities at the right price.
And furthermore, Sunward’s own genuine spare parts are economical as well – and all of this best value for money is crowned by up to 3 years of warranty, standard for all Sunward products.


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