XE60GA Crawler Excavator

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  • Operating weight(Kg)
  • Bucket capacity(m³)
  • Digging radius(mm)
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The customized low-speed high-torque engine is precisely matched with the hydraulic system, the fuel consumption is reduced by more than 5%, the volume of the fuel tank is increased by 18%, the size of the body and chassis is increased, and the large-capacity bucket is matched to make the operation more stable and powerful. The bulldozer blade is equipped with a hydraulic lock as standard , to protect the driver’s safety;
The newly optimized second-generation main valve has soft control, smooth movement, more precise micro-operation, maintenance-free swing motor, and a 13% increase in swing torque.
The transfer operation is easier, the response speed of the main pump is improved, the system responds quickly, and there is no delay in action;
Larger and luxurious cab, one-button start switch, touch high-definition instrument, all vehicle information at your fingertips, on-board Bluetooth, audio in multiple sound modes
sound system;
Vehicle-level NVH optimization, lower vibration and noise; high-power automatic heating and cooling air conditioner, three-dimensional surround air supply; fully sealed positive pressure cab,
Standard fresh air system; overturned armrest box, the space of the cab is increased by 15%;
The hood has a large opening angle, which is convenient for maintenance. The maintenance of the radiator, engine three filters and components in the engine room can be seen at a glance and within easy reach;
Buckets of various specifications are optional, and various tools such as breaker and auger can be installed to meet the needs of different working conditions.


Operating weightKg6050
Bucket capacity0.25
Engine rated powerkW/rpm35.9/2000
Bucket Digging ForcekN48.3
Digging radiusmm6130

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