XE26U Crawler Excavator

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  • Operating weight(Kg)
  • Bucket capacity(m³)
  • Digging radius(mm)
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It adopts a mechanical fuel-injection engine that meets the National IV emission requirements, with strong power, energy saving and environmental protection, high reliability and excellent performance.
Key hydraulic parts adopt the latest technological achievements, low energy consumption, fast response, precise control, small impact, and can maintain strong digging capacity and excellent operating efficiency.
The turning radius of the tail adopts a compact short-tail design, and the working device can be deflected. The left and right deflection angles are 75 degrees and 55 degrees respectively. It can realize compound operation with the turning of the upper vehicle, and can realize excavation parallel to the wall in a narrow space.
The instrument information display is complete, more automatic control functions, intelligent diagnosis of fault causes, and maintenance information prompts, fuel filling prompts, effectively shortening maintenance time.
The crushing pipeline is standard, and multiple equipment pipelines are optional to meet the diverse needs of equipment including quick-change devices.
After the hood is opened, the inspection and maintenance of the air filter and oil-water separator are at your fingertips; the inspection and filling of antifreeze is extremely convenient.


Operating weightKg2780
Bucket capacity0.06
Engine rated powerkW/rpm15.4/2400
Bucket Digging ForcekN23
Digging radiusmm4750

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