XE17U Crawler Excavator

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  • Operating weight(Kg)
  • Bucket capacity(m³)
  • Digging radius(mm)
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It adopts a mechanical fuel-injection engine that meets the National IV emissions, with strong power and high reliability; it is equipped with an automatic engine preheating system to effectively improve the starting performance of the engine in low temperature environments.
The whole machine adopts tailless design, which has good flexibility and can work easily in small spaces such as city streets and basements.
The working device can be deflected, and the left and right deflection angles are 60 and 50 degrees respectively, which can realize excavation parallel to the wall in a narrow space, and meet various extreme working conditions of excavation construction.
The split cab and reversible seat provide better passability in narrow spaces.
After opening the rear hood, diesel filter, engine oil filter, oil-water separator, air filter and other parts can be checked and maintained at your fingertips; the inspection and filling of engine oil, starter motor, battery and auxiliary water tank are extremely convenient.


Operating weightKg1795
Bucket capacity0.04
Engine rated powerkW/rpm11.8/2300
Bucket Digging ForcekN16
Digging radiusmm3900

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