LX830 Driving Type Floor Cleaning Machine

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It is suitable for cleaning work in offices, nursing institutions, large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, high-speed rail stations, schools and other places.
Such as: epoxy resin floor, cement floor, marble floor, polished tile floor, concrete floor, terrazzo floor and other hard floors cleaning and maintenance.

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1. Small and compact body design, flexible and flexible, to meet the cleaning requirements of narrow areas. 2. The cleaning efficiency of the driving type is greatly improved compared with the push type, and at the same time, the work intensity of the cleaning staff is reduced.
3. The function keys are arranged in a centralized manner, with clear markings, easy to learn and understand, and more convenient to operate.
4. The new floating brush plate brings perfect overall cleaning effect.
5. Low center of gravity design, the equipment has higher stability.

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